My first woodworking project. A workbench with a vise based on the design by Matthias Wandel at

Completed on 04/09/2016.

Finished product first.

I used a series of circulaw saw cuts to cut the dados for the legs in the aprons.

Dados cleaned up using a chisel.

Testing the fit. One was a perfect fit but the other three had a bit of wobble, they seemed good enough though.

Seeing how everything will eventually look.

The leg frames are held together with dowels and screws, this was me testing out drilling holes and driving screws on scrap pieces. I'm glad I did this because you can see how messy my first attempt was.

After watching a youtube video about how to actually use a drill I got much better results.

Putting the leg frames together I made a measuring error, it's a good thing I'd not glued the dowel in yet.


Leg frames complete.

Starting to look more like a workbench now. The aprons are just attached with screws, not glued, so it can be disassembled.

The worktop is just 2 sheets of chipboard glued together. It's screwed into blocks of wood that were glued to the inside of the aprons.

Added a shelf. I should have added this before the worktop, I had to make the corner cutouts longer than necessary to be able to maneuver it into place.

Fitted the vise. I got this vise in a sorry rusted up state for £10 on gumtree and cleaned it up. The quick-release mechanism does work but it's quite stiff, I'm going to try using paraffin wax to lube it to see if that's any better than the 3 in 1 oil it currently has. The vise is attached from the under side with lag screws through a mess of shims and then into the worktop.

Added a tool rail from the leftover dowel I had.

I had some trouble with wobble when I was done, but the uneven garage floor didn't help. In the right spot it's pretty stable and when there's stuff on the shelf weighing it down it's rock solid.