A bootjack I made for my mums birthday, only 8 months late. Made from maple and walnut, finished with spray lacquer.

Completed on 05/06/2017.

I drew up a simple plan for the project to figure out all the dimensions.

Ripped the pieces on the table saw then glued them up. I used way too much glue and got a lot of squeezeout.

After I sanded away the excess glue there was a pretty bad slope on the piece, so I brought it back to flat with a hand plane.

Marking up for the centre of the hole.

I used a forstner bit in the drill press to make the hole, then attempted to cut the horns with a jigsaw. It didn't make a pretty job of it. I think my mistake was cutting from the outside towards the hole, maybe it would have been better cutting from the hole out.

Using a coping saw got me a much cleaner result.

After about 10 minutes of trying to clean up the shaping by hand with sandpaper I realised it was a bad idea and bought a sander set for the drill press. This works much better than I was expecting.

The final shape involved removing more material than I had planned, as I based the original shape on the wrong boot so needed to narrow it down more.

I cut a dado for the stand on the table saw and cleaned it up later with a chisel. I also cut tapers to each side on the table saw but did not get a picture of that.

Getting this clamped up with the angle on the stand was a nightmare, I should have either cut the angle after gluing, or saved the angle offcut to tape back on with double sided tape for the glue up.

I used a flush cut saw to cut off the excess of the stand and sandpaper taped to my workbench to make the angle of the stand perfect.

All sanded and ready for finish.

Finished with 3 coats of spray lacquer.